Chez Moi Orphelinat de la Grace, Port-au-Price, Haiti and The Grace Scholarship Fund
The Grace Scholarship Fund

The Board of Grace Missions, Inc. firmly believes that education is one of the keys to the success of Haiti and it empowers bright students to learn a skill that will raise the standard of living in their communities.

We currently provide scholarships for four young men from the village of Ranquitte, a village in the mountainous area of Haiti. All four students have one year of course study remaining and then the medical students will have two years of internship in a Haitian hospital.

The students all speak Creole, French, English and Spanish. Creole is the language they converse in and they are taught in French. They all have worked as translators for a variety of groups.

Our scholarships cover tuition, books, computers, calculators and other needed educational items, plus housing and a monthly food allowance. In return, our students periodically help tutor the girls at Chez Moi Orphelinat de la Grace and help as translators whenever we have teams visiting Haiti.

Qualified girls at the orphanage will be provided scholarships to further their education and help them achieve their career goals.

Girls who are not qualified will receive vocational training in order for them to be able to support themselves in the future.

Donations for our Scholarship Program are greatly appreciated, please click on the Donation page at the left of your screen and specify that your donation be for the Scholarship Program.

If you have any questions about our Scholarship Program, please email us!
Updates from
Johnson Deshommes
I am a fourth year medical student at University Quisqueya. I have the following courses now:

  • Nutrition
  • Pathology III
  • Pharmacology I
  • Pharmacology III
  • Clinic Surgical pathology
  • Surgical pathology I
  • Clinical Medical patholog
  • Cardio-vascular pathology I
  • OBGM
  • Pediatric
  • Digestive physiology
  • Cardio-vascular pathology II
I still have three more years to be a doctor, but I have one more year at University Quiqueya. The other two years will be only clinic. So I am going to do my internship and the social year if possible.

Last summer I had the opportunity to do my internship with Dr. Mark Stelzer at two different hospitals in Iowa “ Floyd Valley hospital and Sioux Center hospital” and had the opportunity to observe an open-heart surgery at San Franciscan hospital in Indianapolis.

I love to volunteer a lot. On my way back to Haiti, I had the honor to work with the US promise boat who gave medical care to 11 countries in the world. So it was a life changing experience for me to be able to work with the American navy on giving care to my people.

I am also a member of Rotaract club (Rotary club) who is devoted to help my community by helping kids to attend school. This year, I am the coordinator of the Back to School program which we help several pupils. We give them school supplies and play with them.

After becoming a doctor in three years, I would love to pass the USMLE to come to the US for my residency as a Cardio-vascular surgeon. My dream is to bring this kind of technology in Haiti to save thousands of lives that cannot afford to go to the Dominican Republic I am fired up and ready to go because I am on verge of realizing my dream that years ago appeared to be impossible. Sometimes, I look at me and ask “Is it true that I am going to be a doctor”

I am now living my dream, and I am happy that I will be able to help my parents who are fighting everyday to live a life. I hope they could live longer to see the fruit of success. And I am also praying so that my sponsors can live a lot longer to see the young man they raise up from nothing as a doctor.

(L) The graduation of a finished student at UniQ. (I am 3rd from right)

(R) With Dr. Mark Stelzer during my internship in Le Mars, Iowa

I am a 3rd year medical student now. I always remind myself about when I finished my high school how it would be difficult for me to achieve my goal to become a doctor but, with the help of Grace Missions, I start to see my real good future.

I am in good standing at my university. Each year the university chooses some students to send abroad for training and practice. Last summer (summer 2015) I was sent to the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan to study infectious diseases.

Currently, I am doing some work for the Henry Ford Hospital in Haiti as they want to identify MRSA (Methicilin Staphylococcus Aureus) in the Latino countries and in the Caribbean. I am translating documents for them. The head of the infectious diseases is coming to Haiti in January (2016) so our university can be more involved in this work.

Our living situation is sometimes challenging, but we do the best we can. We are lucky to have Grace Missions paying for an apartment for us and they send us money for food every month. We pay someone to wash our clothes as we have classes all day Monday through Saturday.

We continue to tutor the girls at Chez Moi orphanage periodically on Sundays so they can be good students.

Andronic Hilaire

My name is Andronic Hillaire and I am a fourth year medical student at University Quisqueya, which is one of the top rated universities in Haiti and is located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

This current session started on February 1st and ends June 5th. My classes consist of: Digestive pathology Nephrology Dermatology Clinical Biology Cardiology pathology Pharmacology Endocrinology Anatomy Pathology Clinic training Pneumology Nutrition Metabolisms Radiology Pathology

I am also taking a USMLE course on Saturdays this session; it is an American medical test for the residency and is taught by an American Professor who is teaching Biochemistry.

I volunteered as a medical aide on the USNS ‘Comfort’ ship during its visit to Haiti in 2015. This mobile surgical hospital administered much needed medical and dental care to Haitian patients while surgeries were performed onboard. It was a great learning opportunity and reinforced my goal of helping those in need. I am currently looking for an internship during the coming summer, as this will provide some much needed experience.

I have no words to thank you for all your support and make my career possible. Without you, I couldn’t jump into that new chapter in my life. Thanks ever so much and God Bless you.
John Smith Deshommes

My name is John Smith Deshommes and I am 26 years of age. I was born in Ranquitte, Haiti. I currently live in Port au Prince where I am studying Diplomacy and International Relationship. I’m working for a mission sponsored by a church in Northern Indiana in the morning and I go to school in afternoon. I also teach French to the girls of Grace Missions Chez Moi Orphanage periodically.

I’m healthy and eat well. I live with the other guys in a large house and we all feel comfortable there. We all share the housework, which makes it easy for the house to stay clean.

In my current school session, I’m taking these following subjects:
  • Islamic world
  • Political Analysis
  • Diplomatic consular function
  • raphy of great powers
  • Right of international organization
  • Administrative structure of government
  • Portuguese
  • Leadership II
I started taking course on March 2013 and will finish in Sept. 2017. At that time I will receive a certificate of course completion. I then need to write a document on a specific theme in order to receive a degree license.