Chez Moi Orphelinat de la Grace, Port-au-Price, Haiti and The Grace Scholarship Fund
What's Happening at Chez Moi

Our girls are learning English

Once a week, Gabriel meets with our girls where they are learning how to speak and master the English language. He introduce new words and concepts in sequence to accelerate the language learning process. The lesson includes instruction in speaking, vocabulary and writing.
Garden in a Bucket

Our Garden in a Bucket was a huge success! In July our board member, Yolanda McMillan decided to start a garden in a bucket. She was inspired after seeing how her aunt grew large tomatoes and pepper plants in a pot located in her back yard. She inquired about the buckets and was informed that most vegetables could be grown in a bucket. She googled the process and decided it was something worth trying with our girls in Haiti. Many of you gave funds to begin this project and it turned out to be a "seed" worth sowing. Yolanda purchased organic vegetable seeds in the USA and was able to purchase 32 fruit trees while on their annual Mission Trip in St. Michel, Haiti.

The other resources needed (buckets, pots, soil) proved to be a challenge to locate and purchase. Buckets: were purchased from local vendors on the streets in Haiti.

Soil: the last big hurdle. When Yolanda asked Ronald (transportation driver for Chez Moi) about a place to purchase soil, he replied, you have some of the best soil there is, right on the side of the house. You would have thought we had struck gold…it sure felt like it….rich, black soil. I planted the seed, the girls have watered, but God has been making it grow.

Pots: these were needed for seed germination but were not available for purchase. After staring at a 20 oz empty bottle an ideal popped into her head….cut the bottle in half and use the base to plant the seed. So the girls gathered up all the empty bottles and began cutting them in half, slashing holes in them for water drainage. As it turned out, they used both ends for planting the seeds. The girls planted approximately 80 container of tomatoes; 40 peppers; 25 collards; 25 eggplants and the 32 fruit trees.